Can Medical Professionals be Financially Free?


Do you sometimes feel like all you ever do is work? Burnout is huge. Shouldn’t spending time with our loved ones and working on our passion projects also be a priority? When you have zero housing expenses, this is possible. 




What is House Hacking?

House hacking is what has given me that time and freedom. It is basically purchasing a property, living in part of it, and renting out the rest. This way you can live in the house while a significant portion of the mortgage is paid by your roommates or tenants. You see… It’s all about teamwork! Something that comes to us naturally.

1. Buy a house.

2. Rent out the extra space.

3. Use that rent to pay your mortgage.

4. Live rent free.




It’s all about freedom.

House hacking sounds bold. We agree! But you’re not alone in this journey.

I created MDHousehacking with the purpose of helping medical professionals that want a better life. A life where you:

→     Practice medicine on your own terms.

→     Live with zero housing expenses.

→     Spend more time with your family, partner and friends.

→     Experience activities you enjoy such as sports or hobbies.

→     Give yourself a raise or choose early retirement.



Hi! I’m Ayush.


I’m a Physician on a mission to help you reach financial independence through house hacking. Whether you are a physician, nurse, EMT, or anyone in the healthcare industry – You can live rent free and start devoting your time to all the things that matter to you!