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MDHouseHacking offers a unique solution for healthcare professionals seeking work-life balance and financial freedom. 


Mdhousehacking Founder

Ayush Gupta, the founder of Mdhousehacking, was born in India and became a Pediatric Emergency Physician in New York in 2012 to pursue his medical career. Despite finding fulfillment in his work, he noticed a need for more financial education in the medical field. He took control of his financial future due to the absence of guidance on real estate and investments.

Witnessing the vulnerability of healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ayush explored alternative paths to financial independence and discovered House Hacking. Opting for multi-family housing instead of a traditional single-family home, he now resides in a beautiful home in New Orleans, receiving payments for living in it. Ayush’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals to break free from housing expenses and focus on what truly matters to them.

Dr. Kaushik

Endocrinologist, New York,

As a physician, I was lost in the real estate investment maze. Ayush, a doctor who’s been there, provided the map and compass I needed to navigate and build wealth. Highly recommend!

Dr. Afshin

Family Medicine, Virginia

Exceeding expectations! The program was structured, flexible, and tailored to my needs. You were genuinely helpful, knowledgeable, and proactive, pushing me further than I would’ve gone alone. Highly recommend!

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