5 Ways to Get Anything You Want in Life

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5 Ways to Get Anything You Want in Life

Did you know that three-quarters (73%) of Americans feel dissatisfied with their lives right now? That’s insane! It all comes down to the question: Why don’t we have what we want?

In this blog, I’ll share with you practical tips so that you can get what you want and change your life in a meaningful way.

We’ve all heard this before: get out of your comfort zone and you’ll get everything you ever wanted. So then, why is it so hard for many of us to step out of it? I’ll tell you why, because being inside of our comfort zone feels good. It’s cozy and safe. It’s just so easy when we never push the boundaries and life doesn’t change.

Feelings of anxiety will come to us with the thought of stepping out of that safe place. Let’s make it simple! These are some practical ways to make changes.

1. Be honest with yourself and create a vision

We constantly tell others and ourselves that we’re fine, but… are we? That thing that we want, we have most likely convinced ourselves that we are fine not having it. This is why we stop pushing ourselves.

Life is a miracle and we could be getting so much out of it. Being fine isn’t enough! Let’s start by getting clarity. What do you want? It’s not about what others want from you, it’s about what you want. In other words, once your vision is clear it’s easier to find ways to accomplish them.

2. Change your perception of mistakes

Many of us are so afraid of failure that we would rather do nothing than take a shot at our dreams. Mistakes are part of the process. Let’s find other ways to perceive them. More often than not, mistakes will prompt you to ask these questions: “How can I take that lesson to increase my chance of success?” “What did I learn from this experience?” “What can I do next to avoid making the same mistake?”

Just keep in mind that many highly successful people failed plenty of times before they succeeded. You either succeed or learn -it’s as simple as that.

3. Be kind to yourself

No matter where you are from it’s very like you’ve been thought to be ashamed of your mistakes. Having a growth mindset encourages us to be proud of our efforts and not only of our accomplishments. When we fail, we can still be proud of our effort, and keep trying until we achieve our goals.

4. Break your routine

Basically, this is about taking baby steps. Literally, do something your inner kid loves, buy something you’d never buy at the grocery store or reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Let’s start everyday by adding at least 3 of these activities to your schedule. It’ll be fun!

5. Take action

All day long we have ideas that could change our lives but we don’t do anything with them. The reason: we don’t feel like it, we lack the motivation. Your comfort zone is cozy and familiar but you won’t get what you want unless you get out of it. Take action. Do whatever you have to do whether you feel like doing it or not. Changes are not supposed to be easy, but they are necessary. Even a small step will get you closer to what you want. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and be proud of your efforts, not only your accomplishments. We got this!