I was born and raised in India, where I attended Kolkata Medical College and Hospital for medical school. In 2012, I moved significantly to New York, USA, with a clear goal: to become a Pediatric Emergency Physician. My passion lies in positively impacting children’s health during the crucial golden period of their lives. It’s not just a profession; it’s a thrilling journey that can mean the difference between life and death.

Beyond the medical field, I recognized a gap in financial education for healthcare professionals. Despite dedicating our lives to studying, we often need guidance on financial matters such as real estate investment, stock market participation, and savings. The realization struck even harder during the onset of the Covid pandemic when many in the medical community faced unexpected challenges. Witnessing friends, mentors, and fellow physicians being furloughed sparked a desire for financial independence.
My journey into real estate investing took a unique turn with the introduction of House Hacking. Instead of buying a single-family house, I embraced the idea of acquiring a Multi-family house and living in it. This decision marked the beginning of my financial freedom journey. Now, I reside in a fantastic house in New Orleans, enjoying a great location, all while receiving income for living there. But enough about me – let’s shift the focus to you!

In addition to my professional pursuits, I am passionate about staying fit through CrossFit, exploring new destinations as a traveller, and actively contributing to the well-being of healthcare professionals by helping them live for free. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, EMT, or anyone in the healthcare industry, I believe in empowering individuals to break free from housing expenses and focus on what truly matters to them.

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