Ayush Gupta





It’s all about taking action

I was born and raised in India where I went to medical school. In 2012, I moved to New York, USA, to become a Pediatric Emergency Physician because I wanted to have an impact on children’s health in the golden period of their lives. It makes a difference between living and dying, it’s a thrill and a passion. I felt I was perfect for it!

One of the drawbacks for anybody in medicine, whether you are a nurse, a technician or a pharmacist, is that even though we spend most of our lives studying, we don’t get financial education at all. We don’t get people talking to us about how to invest in real estate, or invest in stocks or even save some money.

Early on in our careers, we’re taught that any self-respecting medical professional needs to buy a house even before we can gain some financial stability. Obviously moving down to New Orleans I was doing the same thing, trying to look at single family houses for myself. Then Covid hit and everything was shut down. Many friends, mentors and fellow physicians who we thought would always have job stability started to be furloughed and they were not safe anymore. It was mind-blowing, and I knew I wanted to pursue financial independence.

That’s when I was introduced to House Hacking. I decided that instead of buying a single-family house, I would start buying a Multi-family house and live in it. And that’s how investing in real estate and my financial freedom journey started.

Now I live in a great house in a fantastic location in New Orleans, and instead of paying for it I get paid to live in it. But enough talking about me – let’s concentrate on you! Whether you are a physician, nurse, EMT, or anyone in the healthcare industry, you can be free of your housing expenses and start devoting your time to all the things that matter to you!