Build The Freedom & Lifestyle Of Your Dreams & Work In Medicine On Your Own Terms

I make over $10,000/MO from Househacking, you can too!

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What You'll Learn

How to identify best househack in your specific neighborhood

Why you never have to worry about finding deals with my easy 3 Step Plan to create incredible Deal Flow

How to buy your first househack while little to no Money down

How to Build a cash flowing Machine from Day One

How to automate all management tasks so you NEVER have to worry about fixing a toilet

How to build Financial Independence with Househacking portfolio

How to buy your first Househack with my help in the next 60 days! Guaranteed!

About Me

  • I’m a Full Time Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician who started with limited knowledge in Real estate and no money.
  • Now I have diverse Portfolio of Multi Family Units, Short terms rentals and Mid Term rentals.
  • I still Househack and my Tenants cover all my Living expenses. 
  • I love educating Medical Professionals- Doctors, Nurses, Residents, Medical Students- about Real estate Investing.
  • I believe by creating additional sources of Income, it has decreased my Burnout in medicine, allowed me to work on my own terms and be more Fulfilled in Life.

Here’s The Truth

buying the first house SUCKS…  

Hard to Scale

When I realized that I'll be stuck to the monthly mortgage payments, I knew there needed to be something different.

You've Been Lied to

You have been lied to majority of physicians and medical professionals Eventually realized that Buying that big house Was not the first best decision after training.

No Profits

When I realized that I have No cash flow and I'm stuck to my job to pay for this mortgage every month. I Knew something needed to be changed or something wasn't right.

-that’s why House Hacking works.

Doctor's Orders - What Medics Say About House Hacking

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