Helping healthcare professionals achieve financial independence 

Do you sometimes feel like all you ever do is work?

Sometimes it feels like we are trading our precious time by working tirelessly to get paid. Yes! We do love what we do, but we all know burnout is huge among healthcare professionals. Shouldn’t spending time with our loved ones and working on our passion projects also be a priority?

Househacking has given me that time and freedom. It is basically purchasing a property, living in part of it, and renting out the rest. This way you can live in the house while a significant portion of the mortgage is paid by your roommates or tenants. You see… It’s all about teamwork! Something that comes to us naturally.

Let me just put it this way: it’s like working at a Hospital. When you have residents, medical students, nurses, EMTs, technicians and all these people helping you out, the amount of work you can do grows exponentially and the amount of work you have to do reduces as well.

In other words, you free up your time to do other things. This is true not only for doctors, but also for nurses, technicians and pretty much anyone in the healthcare industry. The more people working on the same task, the more time you are freeing. Simple as that!

The tenants, by paying my mortgage and my living expenses, have allowed my housing expenses to be zero. You could be getting paid to live in the house of your dreams -How cool is that! 

This allows us to enjoy practicing medicine on our own terms and to do other things that we enjoy, such as traveling, crossfit, educating residents, doing research and even spending time with our cats!

Welcome to financial freedom!