How to Make Sure 2022 Won’t Be Another Version of 2021 in 3 Simple Steps

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Was 2021 similar to 2020 for you? Many people feel like they’re stuck in a hopeless cycle of boredom and predictability.

Many people feel like they’re stuck in a hopeless cycle of boredom and predictability. Many of us had big plans for our lives and near the end of the year, we feel disappointed when we realise we’re not getting any closer to what we wanted. In fact, it’s likely we already gave up and those goals have become fantasies not for us anymore.

Life shouldn’t be stagnant or predictable, and we’re full of potential to reach any goals we set out to obtain. In this article, we will talk about three actions to make 2022 an entirely different year.

1. Examine Your Vision

The million-dollar question that we all asked ourselves at one time or the other is where do we see ourselves in life? We all are here with a specific purpose but what helps us move and direct our purpose is a vision.

Vision gives direction and a glimpse over our life to make our goals and purpose become a reality. In order to understand where we want ourselves to be in life.

So, once you understand that vision clarifies purpose, life will become simpler and more meaningful. It’s so important to have vision and purpose because; it actually controls and makes our decisions, which ultimately creates our lifestyle.

How do you see yourself in the next 10 years? If you take more than a few seconds to answer this question is likely you don’t have a clear vision.

Did that just happen? Let’s define it! Find time to establish what you want and it will be ten times more likely you will actually make it happen.

2. Find People Who Also Have a Clear Vision

Just like vision chooses our direction in life, it also chooses our friends and the company we keep. People are attracted and spend time with people who have a vision and who are disciplined in their vision.
Being part of a new community will give you a new perspective, especially if you are thinking about investing or starting a new business.

Find people to discuss strategies or find out what they’re doing. There are many communities online. Not only will they guide you and help you build confidence in your new venture but they will also serve as an escape from routine.
They will also hold you accountable for your vision. Having conversations with them about what you want will give you a better perspective. It’s not about comparing to your friends, but walking this path together can keep you disciplined and focused. People who have a vision are always passionate to share it with others and is more receptive when you’re sharing yours with them.

3. Create Habits to Achieve Your Vision

Our vision is not only connected to the people we spend time with but also other activities we do and how we spend our time. If your vision is important to you, the time you spend pursuing it will reflect it. Time really matters because it is the only resource that is not renewable. If you lost a few thousand dollars maybe you can gain them back, but no one can restore the time you have already spent.

Time wasted today, we cannot get back tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Money, people, and opportunities can always come again later in life, but once the time is gone it is gone forever. Vision will not allow you to waste time.

So time should be well invested and the best way to ensure that is by creating habits. We all have habits in place whether we realise it or not. Successful people have total control of their habits and engineer them to achieve their visions.

Your to-do list is created by your vision and it tells you exactly what you will do, which will over time create your habits. Anyone who has a vision of becoming his own boss will eventually create habits that will prepare him or her, for that vision.

Create and follow habits that bring you closer to your vision and purpose. It’s important to know that the way we spend our time, energy and resources can contribute and bring us one step closer than we were yesterday. To make it easier for you, I have created a free printable habit tracker to jumpstart your new life in 2022.

Finding and realizing your purpose is not easy. With everyone telling us what we’re good at, and how we should live our lives, it can be pretty confusing and chaotic at times. But once you realize your purpose for yourself and write down your vision, life becomes simple and less complex.

Once we understand our purpose our life becomes more narrow, more focused and much clearer because we know what we want. Discover your purpose and create your vision and watch how 2022 becomes the best year of your life! Just make sure to be present and enjoy the ride!